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Utah Carol lyrics


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     Utah Carol
    >> Marty Robbins
        And now my friends you've asked me what makes me sad and still
    And why my brow is darkened like the clouds upon the hill
    Run in your ponies closer and I'll tell to you my tale
    Of Utah Carol my partner and his last ride on the trail
    We rode the range together and rode it side by side
    I loved him like a brother, and I wept when Utah died
    We were rounding up one morning when work was almost done
    When on his side the cattle started on a frightened run
    Underneath the saddle that the boss's daughter rode
    Utah that very morning had placed a bright red robe
    So the saddle might ride easy for Lenore his little friend
    And it was this red blanket that brought him to his end
    The blanket was now dragging behind her on the ground
    The frightened cattle saw it and charged it with a bound
    Lenore then saw her danger and turned her pony's face
    And leaning in the saddle tied the blanket to its place
    But in leaning lost her balance, fell in front of that wild tide
    "Lay still Lenore I'm coming" were the words that Utah cried
    His faithful pony saw her and reached her in a bound
    I thought he'd been successful, and raised her from the ground
    But the weight upon the saddle had not been felt before
    His backcinch snapped like thunder and he fell by Lenore
    Picking up the blanket he swung it over his head
    And started cross the prairie, "Lay still Lenore" he said
    When he got the stampede turned and saved Lenore his friend
    He turned to face the cattle and meet his fatal end
    His six gun flashed like lightning, the report rang loud and clear
    As the cattle rushed and killed him he dropped the leading steer
    On his funeral morning I heard the preacher say
    I hope we'll all meet Utah at the roundup far away
    Then they wrapped him in a blanket that saved his little friend
    And it was this red blanket that brought him to his end
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